Technology: And this is how it works

  • Delivery and invoicing: You deliver goods or provide services to your customer (debtor) and invoice them. At the same time, we receive a digital copy of the invoice.
  • Immediate payment: We transfer up to 100% of the receivable amount to you within 24 hours.
  • Payment of the invoice: Your customer pays the invoice amount to us within the agreed due date of payment.

Always the right decision with our exclusive online tool

  • Easy and fast upload of your invoices
  • Mobile access to all data and transactions
  • All turnover figures visible at the touch of button
  • Real-time online update in order to check the receivables and financed volume
  • Preliminary examination of customer creditworthiness and credit investigation of debtors
  • Payment statements and archiving of reports
  • Export of all analysis results
  • Full-service dunning and collection tracking